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You've read the books. 

Now you’re ready to EXPERIENCE it.

I’ll make this easy for you:  Your next life-changing adventure with J. is in THE COURSE. It's time for your journey to get more intimate, serious, insightful, funny & badass. You ready for a whole new world?...

Laugh. Cry. Know Thyself.  THE COURSE has everything you need to experience your inner badass.

Okay… I know, I know– everybody and their brother sells an online course – Quit yer belly-aching.  I ain’t everybody – am I?  

Experience THE COURSE

THE COURSE is your one and only, badass next step...

I sincerely wish to help you– for reals & I want you to help yourself. THE COURSE delivers subtle, profound  changes to your mind, heart, body & soul- simple, poetic, funny & effective. Just like the books...except video. You know I was an audio-visual engineer & producer before becoming an author, right? I’m no hack. THE COURSE is beautifully & professionally produced.

Just press play and THE COURSE will do the rest:

THE COURSE is packed with a ton of life-changing, mind-blowing, aha-inducing spiritual badass insights, talks and exercises.  THE COURSE is a spiritual badass red pill you can swallow and experience over and over again until your ego shatters, your heart breaks open and you know your deepest badass self. All you have to do is watch... Just press play.

THE COURSE is a three-hour, three-part symphony... 

Like a symphony THE COURSE is composed of songs and notes you can return to over and over again for repeated watches, listens, aha moments and insights. THE COURSE contains three parts. Each part contains a mix of exercises, meditations, talks, teaching, humor, guidance, music and more…

THE COURSE is NOT technique-exercise-mind-information driven- It's heart-being-body-presence driven. This means you can relax and set aside your thinking, controlling, judging, figuring-out mind.

Just breathe, watch, relax, enjoy and experience. After some time, you'll notice a subtle, heavy, still, deepening, sinking, falling, being sensation.  Viola'- there's your inner spiritual badass.

Here's a Taste:

Nope - these are NOT tiktok or youtube videos. If you don't have the patience or attention to watch these, then THE COURSE is probably not for you...

Experience THE COURSE

THE COURSE delivers results quickly and easily.  All you have to do is watch, listen and feel…

You’ll laugh, cry, relax, meditate, listen deeply, feel deeply and have profound aha moments and insights.  You can easily experience the 26 videos (3 hours total watch time) in one weekend.  But, don’t be fooled by the size. THE COURSE is nuanced, layered and speaks to the depths of your spiritual badass body, mind, heart and soul.  Sure, you can watch it in one weekend, but you’ll be back for repeat listens and watches.

There’s an APP for that.

THE COURSE is contained in one easy to use phone APP. So– you can experience and benefit from it right now in the palm of your friggin’ hand, while you’re driving (listen only mode) walking, cooking or bungee jumping from a hot-air balloon.  Yep, it rocks.

Is THE COURSE for me?:

Hell, yes THE COURSE is for you!  You really need to ask that? After all we’ve been through?  After all you’ve learned on our epic road-trip adventure together? You want to Know Thyself right??   Nuf said. Full stop. 

You’ve been longing and waiting for this journey your whole life. Let’s go badass…

That’s it. That’s my best advice for what you should do next. No free toasters. No PDF booklets. No quizzes, webinars, or surveys. Just ONE thing:  THE COURSE. Experience it now. Laugh. Cry. And Know Thyself…

Experience THE COURSE

You’re still here? Why are you still here?

Quit yer feet draggin’.


Zero regrets.

AND- It’s Lenny approved.

Experience THE COURSE