The Fisherman's Bible will be available late 2024.

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The Fisherman's Bible

Book Description:

What is your life’s destiny or fate? Do we have any say, control or choice in the matter?  Or are we blindly headed toward a predetermined, inevitable outcome? What is the meaning of life? Who am I? What is my purpose? Why am I here?

Join multi-award winning, inspirational self-help author J. Stewart Dixon in an adventure that will change the course of your life––forever.

Discover your destiny in The Fisherman’s Bible…

     The Fisherman’s Bible is a modern, inspirational, parable, similar in style to The Alchemist, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, The Shack, and The Five People You Meet in Heaven, but with a modern, edgy, sophisticated and humorous twist.

     Fate and destiny play their cruel, wise hands with Madeleine and Turok, both of whom suffer early-life tragedies, propelling them toward a mutual encounter in the isolated and dangerous, Canadian Artic wilderness.  Guided by a series of visions and dreams from a strange, otherworldly fish, each embarks upon a hero’s journey of healing and self-discovery toward a destiny that neither understands, but both must accept.

    But––there’s a twist. You ready to go a little deeper…a little darker…and a little farther? Author J. Stewart Dixon loves breaking the rules ––and the walls­­–– which separate the reader from the pages: Abbey and James McCafferty, smash through these walls.  Abbey is helping her grandfather, James McCafferty, an old, has-been, once-famous, inspirational author overcome his unfulfilled, unhappy and close-minded ways and write his next big book, a parable he’s penned, called…The Fisherman’s Bible.  Abbey introduces James to a host of new friends, guides and teachers who stretch the limits of what he understands about life, relationship, love, awareness, self and destiny.

     Of course, author J. Stewart Dixon also chimes in here and there, breaking the fourth wall and gently inspiring the reader inward and onward with their own destiny and hero’s journey––to find fulfillment, happiness and peace.

     Welcome to the new, modern spiritual parable, where perennial philosophy and wisdom gets an overhaul and an upgrade––The Fisherman’s Bible isn’t what you think it is, but it’s everything you long for and a few things you’re probably aren’t ready for––and this is a good thing.  There will be trial and tribulation.  There will be pain and heartbreak. And you are guaranteed to discover ––your destiny–– in The Fisherman’s Bible.

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