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Coaching, counseling & advice from J. :

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  • spiritual growth & spiritual awakening
  • humor, truth & wisdom
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 Hang with J. in person.

You’ve read the book, and now want the real deal:

  • Go on an actual location based adventure with J.- i.e. North Carolina, Colorado, California, Costa Rica.

This is a profound, serious &  life-changing investment: The cost is @5-6K for a long weekend, @10-12.5K for a week and @15-20K for two weeks- dependent upon location. We can go and do just about anything you'd like.  I like fun places, where spiritual opportunities are abundant. (i.e. North Carolina, Colorado, California, Costa Rica)  I'll design and coordinate it. All you have to do is show up with courage, honesty and vulnerability. No matter what we do, I guarantee one thing: This experience will change your life.

Email me: [email protected]

I offer a stepping stone / application approach to hanging out in person.

After emailing, we'll take the next steps: a phone or zoom call. Then, if we're a match, and I think you're ready we'll make arrangements for the experience.

  Online Courses


Just press play: Breathe, watch, relax, enjoy and experience. After some time, you'll notice a subtle, heavy, still, deepening, sinking sensation.  Viola'- there's your inner spiritual badass. You got this...
What you'll get:
  • 26 HD Videos (3 hours watch time)
  • Repeatable viewing and listening experiences you can return to over and over again for deepening insights and aha-moments.
  • Kajabi APP for easy viewing on your phone or device.
  • Life-changing insights, talks, exercises and guidance
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 Amazon Paperbacks

Spirituality for Badasses Book 1:

Join J. Stewart on an adventure you'll never forget. It's been an Amazon #1 Bestseller (in like 9 categories) It's got over 1500 reviews on Amazon. (1300 of which are 4 & 5 Star)  It's won 6 national & international  Book Awards. It's wild, funny, irreverent and powerful. It'll rock your world and change your life. Whaddya waitin' for? Purchase on Amazon


Spirituality for Badasses The Workbook:

Spirituality for Badasses The Workbook is a multi-media do-it-yourself, masters-degree course for finding your truest inner spiritual badass. If you’re stressed, depressed, anxious, unhappy, alone, bored, lost or feel like life just isn’t good enough, Spirituality for Badasses The Workbook offers very specific techniques, exercises, lessons and methods for changing, growing and getting unstuck. The Workbook expands on every exercise from Book 1, delivers them in an easy-to-follow fashion, and presents them in a practical and down-to-earth style. (Includes free mp3 audio files.) Purchase on Amazon


Spirituality for Badasses Book 2:

The juggernaut follow-up, Spirituality for Badasses Book 2, takes you the reader across the country through a clockwork of profound mysteries, heart-racing dangers, high-octane adventures & mind-altering spiritual experiences. Join J., Lenny and a whole new cast of characters, guides & teachers on an epic, life-changing road-trip, that gets you up, close & personal with both the outer & inner limits of your own spiritual badass heart & soul. Purchase on Amazon

21 Days- A Guide for Spiritual Beginners:

21 Days is a journal / memoir (and excellent guide for you) of the first 21 days of spiritual awakening and discovery that happened to me in 2010. I had been seeking in earnest with western American advaita nonduality teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Gangaji, Adi Da, Adyashanti, Saniel Bonder, and Andrew Cohen for about 10 years. This book chronicles the first 21 days of this awakening in all its ordinariness and extra-ordinariness. I like spiritual parables (ala Paula Coehlo or Richard Bach) so there are quite a few in this book as well.

Purchase on Amazon