Hang with J. Private Sessions & Traveling Experiences

Just like in the books: I provide the space, time, opportunities and guidance for you to discover, experience and be your deepest, truest inner badass.

Hang with  J. on Zoom

If you're not ready to hang with J. in person you can do so via zoom.

1 x 1.0 Hour Long Session


  • 60 Minute Zoom Call
  • Q & A Application
  • Post session email follow-up
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3 x 1.0 Hour Long Zoom Sessions


  • 3 x 60 Minute Zoom Call
  • Discover, embrace and heal internal  broken zones, wounds, pains, limitations and issues.
  • Post sessions email follow-up
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5 x 1.0 Hour Long Sessions


20% Discount per session

  • 5 x 60 Minute Zoom Call
  • Guaranteed to help heal your heart, find your internal spiritual badass and regain your purpose.
  • Post sessions email follow-up
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Just like in the books: I provide the space, time, opportunities and guidance for you to discover, experience and be your deepest, truest inner badass.

Hang with J.-  The Travel Adventure 

You’ve read the book, and now want the real deal:

  • Go on an actual location based adventure with J.- i.e. North Carolina, Colorado, California, Costa Rica. 
  • tailored, intimate & personal guidance
  • healing, hope & heart
  • insights & aha moments
  • resonance, presence & therapeutic stillness
  • spiritual growth & spiritual awakening
  • humor, truth & wisdom
  • adventure, fun, laughter & joy
  • discussions, talks, sharing & deep listening
  • life changing spiritual badass growth

This is a profound, serious &  life-changing investment: The cost is @5-6K for a long weekend, @10-12.5K for a week and @15-20K for two weeks- dependent upon location. We can go and do just about anything you'd like.  I like fun places, where spiritual opportunities are abundant. (i.e. North Carolina, Colorado, California, Costa Rica)  I'll design and coordinate it. All you have to do is show up with courage, honesty and vulnerability. No matter what we do, I guarantee one thing: This experience will change your life.

Awesome. Email me: [email protected]

I offer a stepping stone / application approach to hanging out in person.

After emailing, we'll take the next steps: a phone or zoom call. Then, if we're a match, and I think you're ready we'll make arrangements for the experience.


Video Course

Laugh. Cry. Know Thyself.  THE COURSE has everything you need to experience your inner badass


Book Store

Audio Books, Signed Paper Backs and More


Coaching Sessions

Find your inner badass and Know Thyself - quickly and easily with personal contact and mentorship with J. 


Reviews from other

spiritual badasses just like you:


" Dear J., I’m so excited about what you are doing here.  Two years ago I spent 28 days in India at Oneness University in what they called “The Deepening Program”.  It was really good hard stuff like you are approaching here.  I love the way you have taken that same work and turned it into an American, modern, cool, easy to understand, personal course.  This is really awesome!  I just finished the video on vulnerability and what came to me is that so many people are guarded and “in control”.  We are so afraid to let go as you know. …What you have done for me is big in that you have helped me to realize and affirmed for me that I am not perfect, I don’t have to be perfect, and it’s all OK.  … I wish everyone in the world would take your course. … I’m looking forward to all the rest that is yet to come.  Thank you for your gift to humanity!! Cheers! "    


" Thanks again for everything you're sharing.  It's making a HUGE difference in my life and how I'm finally coping with, understanding and reframing my "positive crisis".  I really am now able to see a "guiding hand" (if you will) and the necessity of going through all this mental /spiritual/ physical/ emotional pain. I have complete faith and trust that the benefits I am and will gain from this situation FAR outweigh the current "suffering" (or the perceived "illusion" thereof ).  I'm so grateful to you for being a part of this process.  Catchya on Wednesday! "   


" Your approach has all the components that I have personally found most important (mainly the stuff about the body )You manage to be very heart-centered without being mushy (though I like a little mushy) My group members were absolutely blown away by you (unless they're just not telling me cause they know that I'd then have to kill them for waking up before me)  Besides being a good teacher of this stuff, you have a "stage presence" that's not staged - some folks are just plain good on camera in front of a group.  A good mix of things for both the heart-centered and the intellectual.    I was MOST impressed that Sheila wanted to go, go, go into another webcast class and you told her to wait and let things sink in.....integrity, I think it's called. "  


“ Sitting on the beach, I was thinking of how for the past month I’ve felt the spacious presence all around me more and more clearly.  I’ve been happier and happier.  Nothing bothers me.  And yet, there is still a constant gnawing, as you say. And there is nothing wrong with the gnawing. It isn’t the ego wanting more. It’s this ache you were talking about.  As this all unfolded tonight, I came into a state of hyper happiness for the first time ever. I was smiling all the way through.  I know that bliss doesn’t equal awakening, but it is way cool!  Thank you!  Love,"  


“ Thank you J – for really telling it like it is! You have been a great help to me in our private sessions. I have felt that “great stillness” very close by in many of our meetings. Your presence really does radiate. And I am grateful for your wonderful ability to articulate the path to a destination which is really beyond any talking or thinking about with our inherently limited minds.I invite everyone in the spiritual community to take advantage of what you offer. I will certainly continue to! ”    


" OMG, J, that was so great. Thanks again for helping me. So, was that blissful, loving, expansive, heart-centered state I was in at the park (and thanks for your discretion on the city) magic something? Awakening? You were so good at advising Maggie, too, knowing exactly what to say. Thank you for that, too. You seemed so psychically attuned to her. It brought tears to my eyes ."  

About J. Stewart Dixon

J. Stewart Dixon is a multi-award winning, best-selling spiritual / self-help author best known for his Spirituality for Badasses book series. He teaches based on thirty years of interaction with numerous unorthodox Nonduality, Advaita, Buddhist & Zen teachers, his ongoing education-certification in Modern Neuroscientific Mindfulness and a degree in communications engineering from Syracuse University.  

As a young adult he suffered from depression which initiated a life-long spiritual search. His depression vanished at the age of 40 after numerous mindful and spiritual epiphanies. 

He is the author of four books on spiritual healing, mindfulness and awakening.  He shares his insights regularly through interviews, podcasts, live events, talks, classes and private mentorship.

You may contact him directly at [email protected]

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