Experience video versions of the exercises in the book!:  Find your own inner spiritual badass quickly & easily with these three introductory video courses:

1) The Badass Phone App 

  • Relaxing, calming, healing and helping video exercises you can do anywhere, anytime (Phone App) for a variety of emergencies, stressful situations and crappy days. 
  • (50) Fifty short (7-15 min) easy to follow video exercises that help and heal you under a large variety of circumstances:
    • When feeling blue: unworthy, unappreciated, rejected, ugly, different, unloved
    • When mildly stressed: anxiety, stress, fear, nervousness, lethargy
    • When severely stressed: depression, anger, self-hatred,lonliness, sadness, deep fear
    • When life's got you down: bored, hopeless, failed, meaningless, stuck-in rut
    • Addiction: Alcohol, Nicotine, Hard Drugs
    • Dealing with friends & coworkers: friend, difficult person, neighbor, coworker, boss
    • Dealing with family: Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, Mom, Dad, Girlfriend, Boyfriend
  • When the bullshit of the world is bringing you down this exercise app is guaranteed to help you feel happier, saner and less stressed.
  • $47.00 
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Badass Phone App Sample Videos:


2) The Badass Formula Course

  • Vastly improve your life with these techniques and exercises taken straight from the book.
  • Includes full PDF version of the book.
  • (16) Sixteen easy to follow video exercises based on the book.
  • 1) Introducing Your Badass Self, 2) The Badass Formula, 3) The Wingspread, 4) The Bodyscan, 5) Eating Awareness, 6) Phone Awareness 7) Office Awareness 8) Driving 9) Thoughts 10) Talking 11)Walking 12) Positive  Emotions 13) Negative Emotions 14) Pain 15) Pleasure 16) Stress/Anxiety/Depression
  • Each video is about 15-20 minutes long.
  • Experience more peace, happiness, joy, confidence, purpose , meaning, connection, passion strength, spirit, love
  • And less stress, anxiety, unhappiness, anger, suffering, pain, depression, fear, loneliness, unworthiness, failure, unlove
  • Guaranteed to help heal your heart, find your soul and regain your purpose.
  • The perfect leap from book to real life results
  • $47.00


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The Badass Formula Course Sample Video:


3) The 50 Natural Cures for Depression Reading/Journaling Course 

  • Overcome depression naturally, using the wisdom, insight & help offered in this reading/writing/engagement course.
  • If you suffer from depression and are open to a natural cure, reading and engaging with this (8) eight chapter course will have a profound impact on your life. This course is designed to offer you just the right thing at just the right time in order for you to overcome depression naturally.
  • CHAPTER 1– Identify Your Depression & Defeat the Dragon
  • CHAPTER 2 – Drug Dealers: The Antidepressant Epidemic
  • CHAPTER 3 – Vitamins & Snake Oil: Depression Supplements & Life-styles A to Z
  • Chapter 4 - 10% Happier: Practices & Therapy
  • CHAPTER 5- The Human Happiness Scale & The Cure Pyramid
  • CHAPTER 6- Present Self-Awareness: The Silver Bullet Natural Depression Cure
  • CHAPTER 7 – Heroes in Your Hometown: Natural Depression Cure Case Studies
  • CHAPTER 8 – Your Flawed Superhero Action Plan
  • Guaranteed to help you cure your depression naturally.
  • $27.00
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Get all three in The Badass Toolbox:

Package Discount: $121.00  $97.00


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Spiritual Badass Course Reviews:


" Dear J.,  I love the way you have taken that same work and turned it into an American, modern, cool, easy to understand, personal course.  What you have done for me is big in that you have helped me to realize and affirmed for me that I am not perfect, I don’t have to be perfect, and it’s all OK.  I wish everyone in the world would take your course.   I’m looking forward to all the rest that is yet to come.  Thank you for your gift to humanity!! Cheers! "    - Sheila 


" Thanks again for everything you're sharing.  It's making a HUGE difference in my life ...I'm so grateful to you for being a part of this process.  Catchya on Wednesday! "   -Tony


“ Thank you J – for really telling it like it is! You have been a great help to me. I have felt that “great stillness” very close by in many of our meetings. Your presence really does radiate. And I am grateful for your wonderful ability to articulate the path to a destination which is really beyond any talking or thinking about with our inherently limited minds. I invite everyone in the spiritual community to take advantage of what you offer. I will certainly continue to! ”   – Jocelyn



“ Sitting on the beach, I was thinking of how for the past month I’ve felt the spacious presence all around me more and more clearly.  I’ve been happier and happier.  Nothing bothers me.   As this all unfolded tonight, I came into a state of hyper happiness for the first time ever. I was smiling all the way through.  I know that bliss doesn’t equal awakening, but it is way cool!  Thank you!  Love,"  - Carolyn


“ J. Stewart Dixon is a courageous bringer of the good news that there is more to us that what we think we are....We need a guide, a way-shower, to point us toward the truth. J. is that guide, an outspoken witness. I highly recommend his work to those who intuit that there is more…” – Eli


" Your approach has all the components that I have personally found most important (mainly the stuff about the body ) You manage to be very heart-centered without being mushy (though I like a little mushy) My group members were absolutely blown away by you. Besides being a good teacher of this stuff, you have a "stage presence" that's not staged - some folks are just plain good on camera in front of a group.  A good mix of things for both the heart-centered and the intellectual.    I was MOST impressed that Sheila wanted to go, go, go into another webcast class and you told her to wait and let things sink in.....integrity, I think it's called. "  - Leeza



"Clear and simple, no BS." 



"Mind opening and awe inspiring"



"Impactful, accessible, deeply resonant"


Get all three in The Badass Toolbox:

Package Discount: $121.00  $97.00


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