Spirituality for Badasses Book 2

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It's time to find your heart and soul...The epic, juggernaut follow-up,  Spirituality for Badasses Book 2 ...takes you, the reader, across the country, through a clockwork of profound mysteries, heart-racing dangers, high-octane adventures and a ton of spiritual taboos...

Join, J., Lenny and a whole new cast of characters, guides and teachers on an epic life-changing road-trip, that gets you up, close and personal with both the outer and inner limits...of your own spiritual badass.

Fair Warning Book 2 Contains: 

  1. Self Shattering Wisdom
  2. Cursing Language
  3. Hallucinogenic Drugs
  4. Casinos, Guns & Thugs
  5. Iguanas, Dragons & Owls
  6. Irreverent Humor
  7. Fast Cars & Motorcycles
  8. Life Changing Insights
  9. Emotional Button Pushing
  10. Death & Hot Air Balloons