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For Just $27.00 more get The 50 Natural Cures for Depression Course 

If you suffer from depression / anxiety and are open to a natural cure, reading and engaging with this course will have a profound impact on your life. This reading / writing / actionable content course is designed to offer you just the right thing at just the right time in order for you to overcome depression naturally.

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The Badass Phone App

Life happens and you always have a choice.  

You can respond to life in a badass way, or you can respond to life in a reactive, unhappy and unaware way. 

In the Badass App you will discover a lifetime of tools to respond to life in the badass way- open, aware, present, confident, intelligent, mindful, wise and humorous. 

The Badass App can change your life profoundly.  May these exercises help you with whatever is happening in your life right now...

You'll get @ 50 Videos that help and heal you under a large variety of circumstances:

  • When feeling blue: unworthy, unappreciated, rejected, ugly, different, unloved
  • When mildly stressed: anxiety, stress, fear, nervousness, lethargy
  • When severely stressed: depression, anger, self-hatred,lonliness, sadness, deep fear
  • When life's got you down: bored, hopeless, failed, meaningless, stuck-in rut
  • Addiction: Alcohol, Nicotine, Hard Drugs
  • Dealing with friends & coworkers: friend, difficult person, neighbor, coworker, boss
  • Dealing with relatives: son, daughter, husband, wife, Dad, Mom, girlfriend, boyfriend
  • $47.00